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S3 (Download)
S3 (short for Space Shuttle Simulator) is the simulating software of this project. More info about it can be found on Software.

Paper model Flight Deck
This Paper Flight Deck is created by George Winnard (http://www.stsintrepid.freeuk.com). Instructions are included in the file. It's recommended that you print it on 160g/m² paper.

NASA Sounds
Skyblue created this set of sounds for use in S3. Please folow the instructions included with your download to install. Is provided AS IS!

Launch Checklist
This is a very usefull checklist to get yourself into orbit. Created by Tom Kaufman, it's made on handy A6-format paper.

Spanish Launch Checklist
Ieltxu Fernandez translated Tom Kaufman's launch checklist to Spanish for all the Spanish astronauts out there.

Landing Checklist
A landing checklist similar to the Launch checklist, made by Chris (Shibby).

French Launch Checklist
A Launch checklist, translated in french by Jehl Xavier (Cthulhus).

Polish Launch Checklist
A Launch checklist, translated in polish by Maciej Kulaszewski (kulasz).

Every download on this page is provided AS IS and contributed by users. Altough the greatest care was taken when creating these downloads, the creators of S3 nor the creators of the download can be held liable for their contents. Use at your own risk.